Doorstep Pharmacy Travel Clinic

Doorstep Pharmacy offers a comprehensive Travel Health Clinic based in Harrow on the Hill. We give a FREE Traveller’s Tummy Kit with each consultation that results in vaccinations purchased. The Tummy Kit is worth £7.99 and includes travel sickness tablets, anti-diarrhoea tablets, rehydration sachets and antacid sachets to relieve heartburn and indigestion all packed together in a handy travel bag.

Doorstep Pharmacy is a NaTHNaC approved Yellow Fever Centre. We have Yellow Fever vaccines in stock at competitive prices. Typhim VI vaccines are also in good supply.

Group and family discounts available. Please call to discuss.

* Low stock situation

Vaccination Type No of Doses Recommended Price per Dose
Hepatitis A Vaccine* Single dose  £50.00
Hepatitis B Vaccine* Three/Four doses  £50.00
Hepatitis A & B combined Vaccine Three doses  £65.00
Hepatitis A and Typhoid combined Vaccine Single dose  £78.50
Tetanus, Polio and Diptheria combined vaccine Single dose  £32.50
Typhoid Vaccine (oral or inj.) 3 Capsule pack or Single dose injection £35.00
Meningitis vaccine (Menveo) Single dose  £40.00
Rabies vaccine Three doses  £55.00
Cholera vaccine (oral vaccine) Two doses per pack  £50.00/pack
Japenese Encephalitis Vaccine Two doses  £87.50
Tick-borne Encephalitis Vaccine Three doses  £75.00
 Yellow Fever Vaccine Single Dose £65.00
 Yellow Fever certificate re-issue £15.00

To check which vaccinations you need and whether you will need protection from malaria for your trip, click here for the most up to date information:

Alternatively, drop into the clinic and speak to a member of staff who will be happy to advise you which vaccinations you will need.

Malaria can be a serious disease affecting travellers, but there are simple steps you can take to help prevent it. A member of our clinic can offer advice before your trip.

Anti-malarial tablets are all available at the clinic and can be taken away with you following a successful travel consultation. A doctor’s prescription is not necessary.