Covid 19 Antigen PCR Tests At Doorstep Pharmacy

We provide COVID-19 antigen PCR tests at Doorstep Pharmacy. You can book both a PCR test and also a lateral flow Antigen test depending on the requirements of the country you are travelling to. Prior to booking your appointment with us please find out the individual requirements of the airline that you are travelling with. Some airlines require a test up to 72 hours before departure and others require a test within 96 hours of departure. You will need this information to know when to book your appointment with us.

During your consultation with us you will be required to fill out a short questionnaire and to answer some relevant questions. This process can take up to 15 minutes or so following which one of our experienced pharmacists will take your nose and throat swab. This is a painless, although it may be a little uncomfortable. After your swab has been taken you may leave and await your results which will be with you some time during the next day.*

You should expect to receive your laboratory analysis report during the course of the next day. If you are negative you will also receive a fit to travel certificate and you should print off both documents and take them with you to your flight. If you are positive for coronavirus then you will not be allowed to travel and we may pass on your details to NHS test and trace.

We carry out Covid testing on Monday to Friday between 9:30 an 4:30 PM. We can also provide a service on Saturday between 11:00 and 1:00 PM however there is an additional charge. Each weekday we have a dedicated Courier service between ourselves and our partner laboratory which enables us to get samples into the laboratory very quickly and to receive results equally quickly. On Saturdays there is no Courier service available so we have to make arrangements to get your samples to the laboratory which works 365 days year round and unfortunately this is at an additional cost of £45. Saturday tests still get results on Sunday.

You may purchase a COVID-19 antigen PCR test kit from our website for at home use. However you will be responsible for registering your kit and ensuring it’s delivery to the laboratory. All instructions are included in the kit. If you purchase a COVID-19 antigen PCR test kit for at home use with us you may drop the test kit to our pharmacy in Harrow so that we send it with our Courier for no extra charge. Drop off is available on Monday to Friday only before 4:00 PM.

Some countries (Italy and Canary Islands for example) and airlines are now agreeing to accept COVID-19 antigen lateral flow tests instead of the PCR test. if your airline accepts a lateral flow test you may book this with us and get the results the same day. You will be responsible for ensuring that your airline will indeed accept this form of test.

Lateral flow tests still take a nasal swab but we do not need to send the test to a laboratory for analysis, your results will be interpreted by the pharmacist and shared with you on the same day. You can leave the pharmacy with your certificate that confirms your result.

Costs of services

  • COVID-19 antigen PCR test results available during the next day* £150 (pharmacy appointment required)
  • COVID-19 antigen PCR test for at home use £135 (to purchase click button below)
  • COVID-19 antigen lateral flow test results available within 15 minutes £35 (pharmacy appointment required)
Buy Covid 19 Antigen PCR Test Kit For At Home Use

How to Book a Pharmacy Appointment

For more information or to book your appointment call us on 0208 869 1200

*The laboratory sends results within 6-12 hours of receiving your sample, our dedicated courier service ensures your kit is with the laboratory the next day so your results should be reported by the evening of the next day that you took your test with us. In some cases the results are reported after midnight or very early on the day after. You should ensure you have ample time for your flight in case your results come in during the night.